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Can you relate to any of the comments?

"Well trained Service Advisors increase service profits, increase C.S.I., increase Owner Retention and most importantly sell more vehicles for you."


"I have met many many service advisors that want to be more successful, they have just never been trained to handle the New Buyer we are dealing with today."

"I'm on record as saying we are in the midst of seeing more changes in the next five years that we've seen in the past 50 years." -  Mary Barra - CEO General Motors


"Better Educated and Trained service employees INCREASES Owner Retention for your dealership - OWNER RETENTION IS THE HOLY GRAIL."




Our new Service Training Program includes:


Sales team * Service Adviser * Service Manager * BDC to CCC * Support Staff 

Service Advisors want to do better but we just don't take the time to train them. WHY - they create more Gross Profit than any other employee in the dealership and they have more impact on customer retention and the buyers decision to return back to you to buy their next vehicle and yet we still don't train them.

We spend time, lot's of time with salespeople training - we teach salespeople multiple closes so they can sell vehicles. Most service advisers if lucky know 2 closes. Why, we don't training them.

Technology is not a FAD, it is the future. Think of the Sales to Service Hand off - is it being done? What if your salespeople were 1st convinced of the value to them and then taught how to do a Hand off that included.



"Let me introduce you to our Great Service Team, our service manager has 25 years of experience and has a staff of service advisers that have a combined 85 years of experience. We have 14 technicians with a total of 135 years of experience and 4 are Master Technicians, those are the best in the industry. Last year our service department had 10,800 vehicles go through our shop and did over 125,000 hours of work on vehicles like yours. Let me introduce you to YOUR Factory Trained Service Advisor."

Then they take the customer online and show them the online scheduling system, they get them opted-in for texting, they set their 1st appointment for them and the customer instantly gets a text. How do you think that would work in your dealership?


Are your service advisors using Tablets? When I go into stores you know the #1 reason they aren't? Internet coverage. The WiFi is too weak to use Tablets. Isn't that a terrible excuse? But consider these facts: An RO written on a tablet vs. notes from a clipboard are $67 higher.


Service Advisors using Tablets have a 6.7% higher Retention Rate.CSU is 28% higher. So the question - why don't dealers use Tablets? And by the way - only 28% of dealerships use Tablets.







In my many years of working in dealerships for the most part, service manager's as a rule are not some of the BEST manager's. And the sad part, dealsrships for the most part don't do much to help them is this area.


More components in of our Service Manager Training Module are: 



  • Definitions of Management - Leaderhsip - "Being the BOSS"?

  • What are some of the MOST Dysfunctional parts of your deparment?

  • Effective Communcations - Meetings - Employee Reviews - Recognition & Feedback

  • Advertising/Marketing


  • Accountability - what to measure - how often

  • BDC vs. CCC

  • IMPLEMENTATION -You can have the best programs in the world but it's all about IMPLEMENTATION. Teaching them how to implement items.


Consider this for Service Advisor Training:

The role of "Service Advisor" has changed from the "service writer" of the past. Years ago, a service writer could rely on new car customers coming in for shorter routine maintenance intervals. Today, drive by any independent shop like Goodyear or Pep boys and you'll find all their bays are filed with all makes and models. It begs the question-If vehicles are being made with more sophisticated systems, why would any customer trust their 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70,80, 90 Thousand-dollar vehicles to an independent shop?


Today's customers have spoken.

  •  They want a great experience.

  •  They want value for their hard-earned money.

  •  They want to do business with an establishment that respects and values their time.

  •  They don’t want to be lied to.

  •  They want to feel appreciated.

  •  They want to feel that the dealership prepared for their visit.

  •  They want to work with Advisors not order takers.

  •  They want an Advisor who isn't going to forget about them.

  •  They want to feel that their time is respected.

  •  They want their primary concerns addressed before being sold on other items.



The Service Advisor is a spokesperson for the dealership. After the new or used care sale is made, he is the only customer facing employee who is responsible for building rapport, assessing customer service needs and maintaining customer loyalty and retention. AND, consider this: In many dealerships as much as 40% of business in a dealership service department can be those that have purchased elsewhere and are getting the vehicle serviced at your dealership, usually because of location. WHO is the face of the dealership as it pertains to purchasing the next vehicle at your store? The service advisor is the only face they know. They never met a salesperson of TO’d to a manager. Again, this is WHY we need to help this person be the “Best Face of the Dealership”.

Any dealership employee can write up oil changes. There’re no persuasive skills involved. It is quite another story that adds significant profit to the bottom line when an advisor can keep a customer coming back for service long after the new car warranty expires. That is true loyalty.

Let’s face it customers aren’t always right. However, the Advisor who can turn an unhappy service customer into a raving fan is the advisor who has great service customer service satisfaction scores and customers who keep coming back. These service pros understand that a dissatisfied customer will tell 15 or more people and use social media in the form of negative reviews to achieve Their revenge.

Today's Service Advisor must be aware that perception is everything. Customer judge our attitude, demeanor, level of caring, attention to detail in the first few minutes of engagement. This means our reception area must be presentable, bathrooms must be clean, our workstations organized, our attitudes are positive and our listening skill's heightened.


Key points for today’s Service Advisor Excellence:

  • Execute a prompt enthusiastic greeting as soon a. customer arrives. we never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

  • Seek first to understand customers' concerns by asking good diagnostic questions. check history & 0EM for recalls and bulletins.

  • Walk arounds are a must. Aside from picking up additional work there is a golden opportunity to build rapport with the customer and involve them in the service process

  • To the best of your debility provide estimates on costs and promise times. Assure you customer that you will keep him/her updated

  • Introduce the No Charge (MPI) free inspection we will do to make certain their vehicle is performing at it’s full potential. And if we do see anything that needs attention we will contact you while it is in the repair facilyt.

  • Commit to providing a great experience upfront and discuss the manufacture’s survey- how important it is, and how you are committed to providing an experience that will have them not only looking forward to receiving the survey but wanting to give you a perfect score.

  • Handle comebacks with urgency. It Is an opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons.

  • Always try to answer your desk phone within 2 rings- Handle phone inquiries as potential business. if you quote a price or give information over the phone-always ask for the business. Do not Transfer calls to Parts. Take Names And numbers down and offer to call back.  There are bucket loads of money on the phone

  • Always keep your customers updated throughout the day. The moment a customer calls you back before you call them-Trust is Broken

  • Execute a level 10 active delivery. Make sure you review & explain work done and pricing before you bring the customer to the cashier. There is nothing worse than having a cashier explain the Repair Order to a customer. Make sure the customer's vehicle is easy to get to and not buried 3 cars deep. If your dealership offers car washes and vacuum-make sure its been done prior to customer showing up to pick up their car. Make sure tire pressure caps are not missing, maintenance reminders reset, and next service date labels are affixed to the windshield. Inform the customer what to expect for their next service and let them know what their participation ($$$) will be.



How can you afford to continue to NEGLECT your largest profit potential for 2019 and Beyond?


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